Sizing Chart

Detailed instructions on all of our sizing needs

Belt Measurement

I will need your waist circumference measurement, where you want the belt to rest on you, to size the belt. (Not your pants size, please.)

Thigh Measurement

I will need your thigh measurement at about 2/3 of the way down, to get the thigh straps custom sized to fit you.

Neck Seal Measurement

To get your neck size, measure the circumference of your neck at about the middle of your neck. There will be room built into the pattern, so give me your accurate neck size, unless you want extra room in it.

Bicep Measurement

To get your bicep measurement, measure where on your bicep that you plan to wear the band.

Bust Measurement

To get yout bust size, measurement the circumferance of your chest as seen in picture.

Hip Measurement

To get your your hip size, measure the circumferance of your hips as seen in picture.

Bandolier Measurement

Put on a belt where you plan to where the one for your costume. Run a measuring tape from the belt, over the opposite shoulder and back to the belt. Being sure to start and stop on the belt at the place you want the bandolier to attach to the belt.