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Clone Trooper Neck Seal movie version

Clone Trooper Neck Seal movie version

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bib style
This Neck Seal, made to your neck size, is perfect for any Movie and real world Clone Trooper costume. We have been making these seals for our 501st brothers and sisters for over 9 years. Meets all the current 501st CRL's. Our Seals are the seals in most, if not all of the current 501st CRL's.

Our seal is ergonomically made to the shape of your neck, shoulders, and back. It will fit like a glove. It is not made in a tube shape that fits awkwardly around your neck, resting on your shoulders , but floating in the front and back, like all other makers seals do. Our design is about comfort and fit. Our pattern was Designed by EVO3 Props and a Tailor handled the sizing to get the correct fit. We have made over 1,250 of these seals and never had one complaint. It has a slightly taller back, designed to hide more of your neck.

It is made from black compression fabric to match your compression suit and to wick sweet. It has a ergonomically shaped semi rigid lining to conform to the shape of your neck and shoulders for a custom comfortable fit. I have had mine for 11 years and worn it to 100's of troops in my 5 different clone costumes. Still looks fantastic.

We offer it in a few options:
Our first option is a vertically ribbed neck seal only, meaning you will get a vertical seal with a fabric bib that you will tuck into your compression suit. This seal is great for clones that use a Pauldron.
Hook and Loop closure or Zipper closure on our Ribbed neck seal only style. (The Zipper closure is more popular, but it comes down to person preference.) Zipper Closure option is not offered on seals with matching ribbed bibs. This seal will have the Movie accurate amount of ribbing.
Ribbed Neck Seal only style bib. This bib version is just extra fabric attached to the bottom of the seal, designed to be tucked into the top of your compression top. It will be a little long, so you can trim it to your body shape as desired.

Then you step up to a seal with matching bib, meaning the bib is ribbed to match the seal and is designed to cover your strapping system. Gives a much cleaner, high quality look, and feel.
Standard and Movie Accurate Seals versions are available.
Movie accurate version seen in first photo.
Standard version seen in second photo.

The difference between a standard (ST) seal and Movie Accurate (MA) seal is the spacing of the ribbing. MA has 3 times as many ribs as ST., matching what is seen on screen in the movies.

At Checkout, in the notes section, include your neck size. To get your neck size, measure the circumference of your neck at your Adam's apple, or if you are a lady, at about the middle of your neck. There will be room built into the pattern, so give me your accurate neck size, unless you want extra room in it.

Care instructions:

Place it in a Delicates garment bag and wash it on gentle cycle as needed.

It is built to last. Fantastic quality and workmanship.

Please ask, if you have a question or concerns before buying.


For any Custom Requests, message me.


Measurements can be in inches or cemtimeters. Any additional questions, please look at the sizing chart page.

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