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Fallout New Vegas Colt Revolver Cowboy style holster

Fallout New Vegas Colt Revolver Cowboy style holster

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This is a real leather Holster, made to fit an accurately scaled Colt Revolver or other Cowboy Style pistol. It will hold your Revolver from Fallout New Vegas or your real Revolver. It comes with a lace thigh strap. It's made in a cowboy style. It has a loop so you can easily slide your belt though it.

I will need your thigh measurement at about 2/3 of the way down, to get the thigh strap custom sized to fit you. If you do not send me the measurement, the standard 20"-22" strap will be sent.

Last 2 pictures are included only to inspire. All those items are available in our store through different listing. Add them all to your cart and check them out together to insure the same member of your team builds and dyes them. 

If you opt for the Holster w/ Pistol option, the Pistol is 3D printed in black and Brown filament. The pistol will come as a kit for you to put together, you will need to do any priming, sanding, and painting you would like to do, if any, once you get it. We will send you build instructions through email. This print is from Yosh Studios/Patreon and used with permission. It will come the orange tip, per Etsy rules. It is a non working, replica. In the last picture of the pistol, you see it as it comes, as a kit. If we forget to send you the build Diagram, simply message us and we will send them. Thanks

Comes dyed and molded.

It is built to last. Fantastic quality and workmanship.

It is made from a nice thick 6 -8 oz. Weight leather.

The brown holsters are hand dyed. The finishes will vary from holster to holster based on the piece of leather and how it takes dye.

The leather is thick, making it rigid, allowing the holster to hold it's shape better and stay open. This Makes drawing and holstering your blaster easier. There will be a breaking in period for these holsters. The more you draw and holster, the better the fit gets.

Please ask, if you have a question or concerns before buying.



Measurements can be in inches or cemtimeters. Any additional questions, please look at the sizing chart page.

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