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Greedo DT-21 holster and double belt rig from Battlefront 2

Greedo DT-21 holster and double belt rig from Battlefront 2

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Greedo Holster Rig from Battlefront 2 Game. This is a real leather, Brown DT-12 Holster, on a 1 3/4" wide belt, metal front and rear buckles, and a set of metal hangers.
The rectangle boxes are made of resin. You also get the second, upper belt with a matching metal buckle as well. Dyed and molded.

I will need your waist circumference measurement, where you want the belt to rest on you, to size the belt. (Not your pants size, please.)
I will need your thigh circumference measurement, about 3/4ths of the down your thigh. [(from your hip to your knee.) Basically, about 2-4 inches above your knee.]
Measurements need to be taken carefully. This rig hooks to the buckle, like a Han Solo Rig, so you need to get it right. There are no other adjustment points on the belt to make it accurate. Measure around your waist where, on you, the belt will be and if you plan to where it at a slant, be sure that is how you are measuring. The upper belt will have 5 holes for adjustment.

Blaster is not included.

It is built to last. Fantastic quality and workmanship.

The holster will fit any accurately scaled DT-12 blaster.

It is made from a nice thick 6 -8 oz. Weight leather.

The brown holsters are hand dyed. The finishes will vary from holster to holster based on the piece of leather and how it takes dye.

The leather is thick, making it rigid, allowing the holster to hold it's shape better and stay open. This Makes drawing and holstering your blaster easier.

Please look at the blaster in pictures, compare it to your blaster. If your blaster doesn't look like the one it the picture, look at my other holsters to find the blaster that looks like the one you have to insure you order the correct holster. These holsters are molded to only fit a specific style blaster. It is costly for you to mail it back and swap it out. I want you to get the right holster the first time. If you are not sure about your blaster or my holster, message me here or on my Facebook Page, Darman's Props with a picture of your blaster and I will be happy to help you decide which holster is the one for you.

Please ask, if you have a question or concerns before buying.


For any Custom Requests, message me.


Measurements can be in inches or cemtimeters. Any additional questions, please look at the sizing chart page.

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