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Stormtrooper E-11 Holster ANH with tan straps

Stormtrooper E-11 Holster ANH with tan straps

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Leather thickness/weight
This is a real leather Stormtrooper Holster. Just like the ones used in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi for the Stormtrooopers and in Rogue One for the Inferno Trooper. This is the quality of holster used by the 501st, (and many wear mine as you read this, myself included), and other costuming groups as the standard in movie accurate TK's, (Stormtroopers).

The term ROTJ = Return of the Jedi.

Blaster is not included.

I offer this holster in 2 leather weights. That refers to the thicknesses of the leather. he holster pattern is the same. The only difference is the thickness of the leather.
A nice 4 oz. Weight leather. Making it a little more affordable.
A thicker 8 oz. weight leather, which allows the holster to learn your blasters shape over time, molding to that shape and allowing for easier holstering and drawing of your blaster.
The straps can be shortened from the back for a custom fit. (I can make the adjustment for you on request.)

It will fit any sterling or sterling replica such as a Hyperfirm, Master Replicas, DoopyDoos, or any other custom pipe E-11.
It will fit any Hasbro E-11, including a modded Hasbro E-11 with a DoopyDoos conversion kit attached.

The photo shows this version, from Return of the Jedi, with black straps.

Holster is attached via the straps behind the belt using two fasteners in the middle of the belt.

Please ask, if you have a question or concern before buying.


For any Custom Requests, message me.


Measurements can be in inches or cemtimeters. Any additional questions, please look at the sizing chart page.

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